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We seek to advance breakthrough therapeutics through the purposeful integration of engineering and science.

Our Approach

Purposeful integration to create innovative therapies.

At Eikon, we discover and develop new medicines by reimagining what is possible — inventing new technologies to bring to light quantitative information about the behavior of biological systems — to identify new targets and bring novel therapies to patients.

We are a team of research scientists, engineers, clinical scientists, and data scientists with deep expertise and accomplishments, working together to combine science and advanced engineering to create innovative therapies that will improve and extend life. We are endlessly curious, intellectually honest and thrive in exploring biology in new ways.

Technology & Platform

We leverage what is available —
and invent what is not.

As experienced researchers and clinicians, we apply traditional, high-performance tools when we can. And our engineering skills allow us to build new instruments when we need them. With this approach we explore cell and molecular biology in completely new ways.

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Proprietary Hardware

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AI & Machine Learning

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Custom Reagents & Automation

Our Proprietary Technology

There is a direct link between protein motion and activity. By measuring the dynamics of protein populations, we can explore the activity of novel pharmaceuticals in great detail.

With our proprietary single-molecule tracking (SMT) platform, we can visualize hundreds of thousands of protein motion events in living cells in less than 
a second. By integrating AI capabilities and advanced automation together with SMT, 
we can inventory molecular interactions with extraordinary scale and precision.


We’re delivering important new medicines for serious diseases.

Eikon has a growing therapeutic pipeline with the potential to deliver important new medicines to address serious illnesses, many with severely unmet medical needs. We have clinical programs that have already provided evidence of activity in the treatment of solid tumors.

Our research teams are rapidly advancing numerous preclinical programs across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Beyond oncology, 
we invest substantial effort in immunology and neuroscience.



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Our Leadership

Our diversity of expertise and perspectives is our strength.

At Eikon Therapeutics, we are exploring new dimensions in biology by transcending disciplines. 
We have assembled a team with expertise in drug discovery, clinical development, data analytics and engineering. We value a diversity of experience and perspectives and actively listen and learn from each other.





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To advance breakthrough therapeutics through the purposeful integration of engineering and science

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We innovate to solve difficult problems.


We collaborate to build 
a great company.


We execute to deliver results with rigor and urgency.


We respect one another and create an inclusive culture.


We are transparent in 
our interactions.


We care about patients 
and making a difference 
in the world.

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Safety Reporting

To report a safety concern or adverse event (side effect) related to an Eikon Therapeutics 
product, please email saereporting@eikontx.com.